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Charter of Corporate Behaviors

The Charter of Corporate Behaviors in Towa Group (Enacted on April 1, 2010)

Towa group contributes to the health and welfare of people and to the reduction of medical costs by providing high-quality generic drugs at an affordable price. Additionally, Towa group pledges to follow the principles mentioned below and take correct corporate actions based on high ethical standards and social conscience to win public trust and support.
(1)Supplying high-quality generic drugs that people can trust
Towa group will supply high-quality generic drugs that people can trust for their medical requirements and meet expectations and gain trust of patients and medical professionals.
(2)Promoting sound corporate activities
Towa group will comply with laws, rules, and regulations established by the industry for performing ethical transactions based on free and fair competition.
(3)Providing information to stakeholders
Towa group will provide information in a timely and appropriate manner to stakeholders, including patients, medical professionals, customers, stockholders/investors, local community, and employees.
(4)Creating a good working environment and respecting human rights
Member of Towa group will respect the solid corporate culture and discipline of the organization, be faithfully devoted to their duties, and maintain a positive attitude without fearing changes and the spirit of teamwork. Moreover, Towa group is committed to creating an optimal working environment where rights of each member are respected to maximize their individualities and competence.
(5)Social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen
Towa group will actively fulfill corporate social responsibilities, including reduction in environmental burden, coexistence with local community, and support activities that benefit the society, while maintaining good relationships with political organizations and governments. In addition, Towa group will never be associated with any anti-social forces.

Home > About TOWA > Charter of Corporate Behaviors
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