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Quality Assurance

Quality Assured at Towa
All pharmaceutical procedures on ethical drugs meet the stringent quality control standards set forth by the Japanese government. To be a company that people can trust, Towa is entirely committed to quality control right from research and development up to manufacturing, sales, and post-marketing surveillance to establish a quality assurance system required for ethical drugs.

Thorough Quality Control Based on GMP and GQP

Towa complies with the stringent standards set by the Japanese government, including Good Manufacturing Practice for Drugs and Quasi-Drugs (GMP) and Good Quality Practice for Drugs (GQP), etc. Towa has established a system to consistently manage manufacturing such as the quality from raw materials to final products, the system to support manufacturing (water system and manufacturing environment) and the manufacturing processes.

Survey on Information on Proper Use and Release of the Results

Towa complies with Good Vigilance Practice for Drugs (GVP), etc. Towa also follows Good Post Marketing Study Practice for Drugs (GPSP) and conducts independent post-marketing surveillances and releases the results.

Strict Quality Tests from the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Selection Stage

Towa pursues the responsibility of quality assurance. Towa performs thorough quality checks from the stage of selecting an active pharmaceutical ingredient and not only at the manufacturing stage. At Towa, drugs are manufactured only after quality confirmation.

Home > Products > Quality Assurance
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