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Information Provision

Towa responds to inquiries from doctors and pharmacists 24 h a day daily.
To be an ethical drug manufacturer that people can trust, it is important to provide information quickly and adequately.
Towa responds to inquiries from medical professionals 24 h a day daily. Towa offers "drug consultation" to patients.
To prepare materials to promote proper drug use, Towa established an organization specialized in central management of information from internal and external sources.
Moreover, Towa actively communicates information by giving presentations in academic conferences and posting articles in medical journals.

Information Service in DI Center, Drug Information Department 24 h on an Every-day Basis

For quick and correct supply of information, the Drug Information (DI) Center of our Drug Information Department receives any inquiries from medical professionals. To deliver correct information, they respond to such questions including nights and holidays for 24 h a day daily.

Drug Consultation for Patients and Their Families, and Related Persons

Towa has opened Drug Consultation Desk for patients and their families, and related persons. They can ask about drug interactions, adverse drug reactions, and many other questions on drugs by making a toll-free phone call. Towa delivers not only products but also information to make patients and their families feel reassured.

Holding Academic Seminars for Medical Professionals

Towa not only responds to inquiries but also actively organizes academic seminars for medical professionals and posts articles in journals. Towa also participates in trainings for pharmacists to give them an opportunity to develop an increased understanding about generic drugs.

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