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Manufacturing Sites

Manufacturing Sites Equipped with Leading-Edge Facilities.Supports Our Aim of High Quality and Stable Supply of Products.
Towa has the manufacturing capacity of a total of 11 billion tablets by the 3 plants, the Osaka, Okayama Plant and Yamagata Plant.
For the purpose of the stable supply of Towafs products, the products of oral formulations are separated in 3 portions, and each portion is allocated to 1 of the plants, respectively. On the other hand, injections are manufactured only at a building of quake-absorbing structure in Yamagata Plant. These measures and policies minimize the disaster risk .
Our 3 state-of-the-art plants achieve high quality and stable supply of products, and to support the future of the trust.

Our Osaka Plant is Attractive and Open for Visitors, which Gives Them an Opportunity to See Our Production Processes.

Towa has tour rout exclusively designed for visitors at our Osaka Plant. Under high-level manufacturing environment that satisfies GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice for Drugs and Quasi-Drugs), visitors can observe the leading-edge clean manufacturing facilities with their own eyes.
Towa will continue to ensure reliability on the generic industry by having medical professionals see the environment where generic drugs are produced.

Production Process Tour Route
Visitors are not required to change their clothes and can view the operation of the leading-edge facilities through glass windows. Visitors can see tabletting, sugar and film coating, and tablet printing processes.
Homogeneously mixed powder/granule is compressed into certain shapes using a leading-edge high-speed tabletting machine. Improved application and removal system of the rotating board has enabled efficient switching of the products to be manufactured.

Sugar Coating/Film Coating
This is a leading-edge tablet coating machine. It is an automatic machine that evenly coats tablets and performs quick and thorough washes.

Packaging Line Tour Route
A fully automated packaging line of about 35 meters in length is placed along the tour route. Visitors can see how Towa's generic drugs are produced in an efficient and high-level production environment.
Blister Packaging
An automated packaging line that complies with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice for Drugs and Quasi-Drugs) is installed in a clean environment. Here, tablets are filled into PTP sheets.

Pillow Packaging
Several PTP sheets filled with tablets are packaged in a pillow using aluminum film or other materials to allow sanitary packaging without any contact with human hands until they are packed and sealed in cartons.

Open in Spring 2012.  New Yamagata Plant That Meets the International Standards Will Win the Trust.

Introducing advanced manufacturing facilities and designs complying with the GMPs in 3 regions*.(*Good Manufacturing Practice for Drugs and Quasi-Drugs)

Yamagata Plant is based on the concept of "international standard plant" complying with GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practice for Drugs and Quasi-Drugs) in 3 regions, namely Japan, the US, and Europe.
Yamagata Plant produces sterile injectables, solid formulations, and highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredient formulations by introducing leading-edge manufacturing facilities and designs.
In addition, manufacturing of injectables is concentrated in Yamagata Plant to achieve efficient production; the Yamagata Plant has a quake-absorbing structure to ensure stable supply of products even in the case of an earthquake.

Environmentally Friendly Plant with a High Production Capacity
Annual production capacity is 2.5 billion tablets by introducing the leading-edge facilities. It reduces CO2 emission by using environment friendly systems, including all LED lighting. Towa aims to create a factory that is beneficial to both people and the environment, for example by surrounding the premise with rows of cherry blossom trees.
High-Quality Formulations
By using an isolator in all sterile operations, Towa minimizes the sterile area in production of injectables and ensures sterile environment. In the building where solid formulations are produced, contamination of drugs is prevented by separating the production area and the dressing room for highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredient formulations.
Leading-Edge Safety Measures
In manufacturing of highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredient formulations (anticancer drugs and other formulations that have pharmacological activity at a minute concentration), Towa installs a containment facility to ensure safety of workers. Towa is committed to preserving the environment by applying HEPA filters for exhausted air emission and burning highly active effluents in a special device.
Efficient Manufacturing System
Towa uses "the gravity system" and makes use of the gravitational force in the manufacturing line. Thus, air or a pump is not required to transfer the materials, and the efficiency of manufacturing is increased. This system enables handling of raw materials in a sealed atmosphere, which helps to prevent scattering of powders.

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