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Towa Philosophy

We contribute to people's health.We are dedicated to people's genuine smile.

Towa group contribute to people's health through creation of excellent products and service.
We aim to become a corporation heartily appreciated and desired by patients, medical professionals, local community, and other people through our corporate activities.
In order to realize these philosophies, we establish the following policy.

We commit the following items to realize Towa Philosophy through manufacturing (corporate activity). Quality: We provide the best products and services. Responsibility: We accomplish our responsibility. Behavior: We always keep originality and ingenuity, and make constant efforts. Harmonization: We commit to total optimization and coordination. Fairness: We are fair and proper to all. Coexistence: We aim for sustainable growth with mutual independence and competition. Contribution: We contribute to society through our prosperity.

Home > About TOWA > Towa Philosophy
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