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Stable Supply

Towa achieves stable and speedy supply of drugs with a well-established production system and Towa Sales System.
Stable supply is one of the aims of ethical drug manufacturers. Towa has 3 plants cooperating with each other for their backup systems and thus it can achieve stable supplies even if the operations stop at 1 of the plants.
Furthermore, Towa has established "Towa Sales System" . This system enables us to provide quick services and maintain close contact with our customers in line with needs of medical institutions and pharmacies.

Stable Production with 3 Plants

Towa has established the manufacturing capacity of a total of 11 billion tablets across 3 plants. To guarantee stable supply, Towa is formulating a backup system that will enable production of the same products in any plants.
Osaka Plant
Okayama Plant
Yamagata Plant

Medical Representatives (MRs) are Responsible for Their Sales in Towa Sales System.

Generic drugs offered by Towa are characterized not only by their affordable prices but also by value-added products. Towa has established "Towa Sales System" composed of two distribution channels, which are through a direct sales system, distributing our products directly from our sales offices and agents, and through wholesalers. Providing two different channels, allows us to answer the needs on distribution to customers. Together with the greatest number of MRs in our industries can provide and collect information, and also can swiftly provide feedback about the demands of the medical professionals to our business units.
[Towa Sales System]

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