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Formulation Development

The formulation technologies at Towa, including RACTAB(R) technology, enable the creation of drugs that are easily taken and handled.
Towa offers high value-added generic drugs in response to the demands of medical professionals for improved products. An example of such a product is orally disintegrating (OD) tablets developed using our proprietary RACTAB technology.
Hardness of tablets is incompatible with easy disintegration. Towa has overcome this existing problem, and developed tablets with both easy disintegration and optimum hardness. Towa is taking additional efforts not only to improve formulation technologies but also to make ideal packages to deliver drugs that are beneficial to patients and medical professionals.

[Examples of Improvements]

Tablets are coated with a special film to prevent the discoloration and degradation of tablets by light, and packaging materials having a high light barrier capacity have been used.

Stability against moisture

Stability against moisture has been improved for one-dose package (packaging of several drugs for one application), contributing to improvement in efficient administration and improve patient adherence.

OD Tablets

Because OD tablets rapidly disintegrate in the oral cavity, they can be easily taken anywhere without water.


Lightproof LC packsPackages such as LC packing and weekly packing are used for convenience in medical practice.


Towa makes particle size of formulations such as OD Tablets and dry syrup smaller to ease the bitterness and roughness on the tongue.


At Towa, the taste and smell of the products is improved, for example, dry syrups administered to children are specially formulated to mask the bitterness and to make them easier to take.

Research and Development of Value-added Generic Drugs

For promoting correct use of drugs, easy-to-take and easy handling are important factors. Therefore, Towa is committed to developing high value-added products. Towa aims to develop and supply high-quality drugs by conducting a variety of tests under strict standards.

Establishment of Our Exclusive Formulation Technologies Including RACTAB(R) Technology

This symbolizes an orally disintegrating tablet that can be taken without water.
RACTAB Technology is the technology that we use to manufacture our exclusive orally disintegrating (OD) tablets. OD tablets are easy to handle, have high resistance against humidity, and adequate hardness so that they rapidly dissolve in the oral cavity and thus can be easily taken by patients. Towa is also committed to developing other value-added products using a variety of formulation technologies, including "masking technology" used to reduce bitterness.

Awards on Additional Values of Products

Towa won the Asahi Kasei Encouragement Award of Pharmaceutics awarded by the Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan in 2010 for the RACTAB Technology, and the product manufactured using this technology won the Generic Drug of the Year 2009 Award. Furthermore, the oral liquid product won 2010 Excellent Generic Promotion Award because the product could be easily taken by elderly patients.

Generic Drug of the Year 2009 Award
Amlodipine OD tablet 'Towa' launched in July 2008 won the Generic Drug of the Year 2009 Award by the NPO Generic Drug Association.
Amlodipine OD tablet "Towa" was chosen because it was easy to handle and take as it was manufactured using Towa's innovative orally disintegrating technology, RACTAB, and because Towa developed and marketed this product before it was launched by the originators.

2010 Excellent Generic Promotion Award
Levofloxacin oral solution, 25 mg/mL "Towa" launched in November 2009 won the 2010 Excellent Generic Promotion Award by the NPO Generic Drug Association.
Levofloxacin oral solution, 25 mg/mL "Towa" was chosen because Towa successfully developed the Japan's first oral liquid formula in antibiotic drugs by making the formulation acidic thus increasing the stability of the active pharmaceutical ingredient; the formulation was packaged as a one-time dose of 4 mL in a stick package, and the viscosity of the solution was similar to that of the diet fluid, which facilitated swallowing; and the bitterness, which was the disadvantage of this formulation, was masked with adequate sourness and combination of glycerine, D-sorbitol, and sucralose.

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