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Stable Supply [API]

Establishment of the original synthetic process and manufacturing method

Towa is conducting research to establish an optimal and the best synthesis process and manufacturing method for each product. Also, our accumulated know-how enables us to quickly and accurately evaluate and select API procured from reliable API manufacturers all over the world. Not only APIs are assessed for compliance with the approved specifications, we have established our original strict standards for evaluation of API.

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Efforts toward stable procurement of API

We manage stable supply of API through periodic audits and confirmation whether API manufacturers manufacture API in compliance with various standards, laws, and regulations. Also, we promote our efforts to acquire one set of API from multiple manufacturers (Double sourcing) for stable supply in case of suspension. We are further working on stable supply by manufacturing API with our own established manufacturing method at our group’s API manufacturing plant.

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Joint research with the University of Tokyo on API suitable for formulation

Towa has been participating in the COI (Center of Innovation) program of the University of Tokyo, and is currently involved in research on technologies to freely controlling crystal forms, particle sizes, etc. of API for each formulation in multiple types of medicine. The results of this research will lead to Towa’s further development of API and easier-to-take formulations for patients, such as medicine without bitterness.

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