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"To becomea company that contributes to the extension of healthy life expectancy."

Towa, a pharmaceutical company specialized in generics, has been dedicated to the research and development, production, and marketing of these products for many years.
In the current super-aged society, we make continuous efforts for stable supplies of generics that can help reduce users’ medical payments and counter increasing social security and medical costs while maintaining the quality of medical services.
We are also embarking on new business areas that will help extend healthy life expectancy.

In addition to promoting stable supply, quality assurance, and information provision about generics, we focus on research and development of ingenious initiatives making our products to be more easily taken and handled.
To enter new markets, we also promote the construction of a structure that can provide our value-added formulations of Towa group to patients around the world through our overseas group companies.

Not limiting ourselves to current drug treatments, we will create health-related businesses compatible with emerging medical systems by utilizing our existing knowledge/skills, acquiring new technologies and combining them all together.

We will make further efforts to be a company needed by society and local communities at all times.

President Itsuro YOSHIDA