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"Contribution of Towa's Generic Drugs to Society"

Towa being a pharmaceutical company specialized in generic drugs, has been dedicated to research and development, production, and marketing of generic drugs for many years. Generic drugs have increasingly played a very important role in this aged society, because they are economically affordable for patients and help to curtail the financial burden of the government.

In addition to promoting stable supply, quality assurance, and information provision about generic drugs, Towa focuses on research and development of value-added formulations that are easily taken by patients and handled by medical professionals.

Further, Towa has established the system composed of a direct sales system with sales offices and agents throughout Japan and a sales system with wholesalers. The system ensures customers' confidence in using generic drugs manufactured by Towa. Towa will achieve sound growth with widespread use of generic drugs in society and believes that it will meet people's expectations.

President Itsuro YOSHIDA