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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In accordance with "Personal Information Protection Act" and other related laws and regulations, Towa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ("Towa") has established internal regulations and structures to ensure the safe and appropriate handling and use of personal information.

  1. Towa handles personal information as follows:
    • (1) When personal information is requested, the information provider shall always be notified of the intended purpose of such personal information and appropriate means shall be used to obtain it.
    • (2) Personal information shall be used to the extent necessary for conducting business activities, within the scope of the designated purpose of use.
    • (3) Personal information shall never be supplied to any third party without the individual's prior consent, nor be used for any purpose beyond the purpose for which it was obtained.
    • (4) When a third party is granted access to personal information for the purpose of performing subcontracted administrative tasks, appropriate monitoring measures shall be taken.

    However, if the non-standard use of personal information is permitted by law, Towa may adhere to those legal stipulations.

  2. Towa shall accommodate any reasonable request by an individual regarding the disclosure, revision, curtailment of use, and erasure of that individual's personal information.
  3. Towa has developed an internal structure for managing the prevention of the loss, falsification or leakage of personal information, and implements appropriate security measures related thereto.
  4. Towa has established internal regulations to ensure an appropriate level of protection of personal information, keeps every employee informed thereof, and continuously strives to improve the ways that personal information is handled.

April 2005
Towa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.